The Maker Series was a print project involving typography, illustration and book-binding.

The Maker Series was a print project involving typography, illustration and book-binding.



The Maker Series was produced as a solution to the ISTD (International Society of Typographic Desingers) brief entitled "Makers". The brief required applicants to celebrate the life's work of a crafts person, telling their story through their words. A journalistic approach to the design was required.
The Maker Series is a series of seasonal journals. Each journal explores the crossovers and similarities between two different practices; Music & Design, Painting & Poetry, etc. In this particular example, the journal focuses on music and graphic design. It explores the connections between the two in terms through illustration. This journal includes an interview with Peter Maybury, in which he speaks about his practice which is, he feels, one single practice and is not broken up into music, graphic design, ert, etc. Everything is connected.

Journal Cover

The journal cover consists of music notation illustrations from inside the publication; my own visual interpretation of musical elements such as syncopation, harmony and rhythm. The illustrations and title were etched on to the cover. The four seasonal journals would have different coloured covers, to set them apart.


During the iteration stages of the project, I produced several prototypes of the publication before settling on the final design.


I used cahier stitching to attach the four signatures, followed by a layer of glue to keep the signatures intact.

Practitioner's Work

Each practitioner's work was printed full colour on an insert. This allows the work to be viewed, without it having to disrupt the design of the publication.


The illustrations throughout the publication are my own visual interpretations of elements of music such as harmony, rhythm, syncopation and lyrics. This was an exploration of how music can be represented through typography and illustration, tying in with the concept of the connections between the two worlds.

Emma Kate Butler